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New W3C SPARQL Working Group Charter

The W3C SPARQL Working Group (formerly known as RDF Data Access Working Group) has now been re-chartered. The WG is chartered through July 31, 2010, with Lee Feigenbaum and Axel Polleres as Co-Chairs. SPARQL (pronounced “sparkle”) is an RDF query language with a recursive acronym that stands for SPARQL Protocol and RDF Query Language. It is standardized by the W3C’s RDF Data Access Working Group (DAWG) and is considered a component of the semantic web. From the published charter: “SPARQL has become very widely implemented and used since then (and, in fact, even before the specification achieved a W3C Recommendation status). The RDF Data Access Working Group has published three SPARQL recommendations (Query Language, Protocol, and Results Format) in January 2008. Usage and implementation of SPARQL have revealed requirements for extensions to the query langauge that are needed by applications. Most of these were already known and recorded when developing the current Recommendation, but there was not enough implementation and and usage experience at the time for standardization.  Current implementation experience and feedback from the user community makes it now feasible to handle some of those issues in a satisfactory manner. The mission of the SPARQL Working Group, part of the Semantic Web Activity, is to produce a W3C Recommendation that extends SPARQL. The extension is a small set of additional feature that (1) have been identified by the users as badly needed for applications; (2) have been identified by SPARQL implementers as reasonable and feasible extension to current implementations. Note that a strict backward compatibility with exisiting SPARQL design should be mantained, and currently no radical redefinition of the SPARQL language is envisaged. Proposed deliverables include the following “SPARQL Use Cases and Requirements, Version 2”, with a list of extension categories to be added to the January 2008 version of SPARQL. The document should also prioritize the items, with the possibility to drop some items from the final Recommendation in case the Working Group runs out of time. This document is not expected to be on a Recommendation track. “SPARQL Query Language for RDF” (new version, Recommendation) “SPARQL Protocol for RDF” (new version, Recommendation) “SPARQL Query Results XML Format” (new version, Recommendation) “Serializing SPARQL Query Results in JSON” (new version, Working Group Note).

See the W3C SPARQL WG Charter: