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Open Grid Forum Goes to Europe

The Open Grid Forum (OGF) is taking its grid computing standards work to Europe, with a little help from the European Commission.

OGF-Europe, funded by the European Commission for Mobilizing and Integrating Communities on Grid Standards and Best Practices Globally, will help “capitalize on European Commission investments in Grid technologies by driving grid adoption and innovation across Europe in research, government and industry,” OGF said in a statement.

OGF-Europe was launched in keeping with OGF’s mission of “pervasive grid adoption through interoperable software standards.”

The new group will offer outreach seminars and workshops, adoption challenges and recommendations reports, community surveys, best practice reports and tutorials. It will also coordinate an Industry Experts council to better understand how European enterprises are dealing with issues like interoperations and standardization.

“We thank the EU commission for their strong show of support for OGF’s mission of accelerating grid adoption through open standards and in recognizing the power of grid in 21st-century economies,” OGF President Craig Lee said in a statement.

Silvana Muscella, technical coordinator of OGF-Europe and director of OGF.eeig, said OGF-Europe “will be essential in bringing enterprise and e-science communities together to break down barriers and foster mainstream grid adoption.”

OGF-Europe’s first Community Outreach Seminar will be held in the UK this spring. The formation of the new group is well timed; OGF23, the Grid Forum’s quarterly international meeting, will be held in Barcelona in June.

OGF-Europe is led by the Barcelona Supercomputing Centre (BSC), technically coordinated by OGF.eeig (The European Chapter of the OGF — European Economic Interest Group) and consists of eight other partners.