Nexaweb Expands with HP’s SOA Governance Leadership

Nexaweb announced its membership to the HP Governance Interoperability Framework (GIF).

GIF provides a collaborative, standards-based approach for publishing, associating, accessing and managing service-oriented architecture (SOA) metadata and business service information across multiple vendors and technologies.

Nexaweb’s membership to HP GIF bridges the gap between SOA and application development, which helps to make it easier to build Web-based business applications using governed services from a central repository. Using Nexaweb’s Enterprise Web Suite, enterprise architects and developers can quickly search and retrieve artifacts and services from the HP SOA Systinet and use those services to build and deploy governed, rich Internet, composite and enterprise mashup applications.

Complete Application & SOA Governance with Nexaweb
Nexaweb’s Enterprise Web Suite is a complete application development and deployment platform for Web-based business applications.  A core component of the suite is Nexaweb Studio, an Integrated Development Environment that enables visual, drag and drop application development and maintenance.  Nexaweb Studio interoperates with the HP SOA Systinet through an RSS interface. 

Using a wizard, developers can retrieve services and place them into Nexaweb Studio’s Service Explorer.  Designed to maintain information about the service and information manager, the Service Explorer removes the need to import WSDL files directly into the workspace.  This creates a ‘loose’ coupling between the implementation and the service, making it possible to maintain a centrally-managed repository for all services. 

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